written by Teri Spohr

It's the 41th year
Of this wonderful Spiel
We say its for curling
But old friends make it real.
They've all come together
From far and from near
To join us in Calgary
As we host this year.
From Unicorn & Malahat
From Chippawa & Queen
Eleven teams are coming
To join Tecumseh's seventeen.

The curlers are staying
At the Carriage House it is said
So the Hospitality Room fun
Is a short crawl to bed.

The ice at the "ARC"
Is all booked and is clean
For the 7pm draw
Of the first group of fourteen.
Then the pipes will lead us
For the Bonspiels official start
As we march on as friends
Memories tug at our hearts.
For we've lots of great history
Since it's start in sixty four
As a simple interbase challenge
Which has grown to much more.
The rules were kept simple
After the first navy spiel
One rule was established
It was not a big deal.
Each team in the future
To be legal they say
Must have one member of the opposite sex
Or their team cannot play.
Their Saturday night banquet
Simply "Pork and Beans and a bun"
Is a subtle reminder
To keep it simple and fun.
So as we gather this year
To watch the ceremonial rock slide
Let's think about this history
And remember it with pride.
'Cause you're at the CanMidWestDiv
And the unwritten rule is one
"To be a Good Sportsman
and to always have Fun"
This bonspiel draws us back
Each year after year
Not for the championship curling
But to meet with friends so dear.
It's a Bonspiel based on Friendship
On volunteers and donations free
To keep the costs at a minimum
And guarantee curling games of three.
So from this years hosting committee
We welcome oll of you
In our Calgary tradition
With a resounding loud "YAHOO"
It's time to get things started
To greet the old friends and the new
To tip a glass, to throw a rock
To share a story and a skit too.
To enjoy every new experience
That this bonspiel does present
It's adding one more year to history
To carry on as it was meant.
So in "Old Navy Tradition"
Let's raise a glass to toast each one
To every team out on the ice
"Be a good sport & LET'S HAVE FUN!"