February 9, 10 & 11th - 2007


Victoria, BC.

Was again

Thank you to all that participated and helped in making this years
Bonspiel a memorable event.

"A" EVENT Winner (Tecumseh)
"A" EVENT Runner-up (Unicorn)
Gene Black
Dan Stohl
Carey Jolly
Matt Dorgan
Paul Griffin
Rohan Campbell
Melissa Todd
Anne Marie Stohl
"B" EVENT Winner (Unicorn)
"B" EVENT Runner-up (Tecumseh)
Bill Busche
Linda Preston
Dave Scott
Tricia McKnight
Lisa Busche
Bev Benston
Ian Wiggs
Kim Penfold
"C" EVENT Winner (Tecumseh)
"C" EVENT Runner-up (Tecumseh)
Leon Yaworski
Doug Bell
Ron Kachur
Doug Beddome
Maria Yaworski
Rick Johnson
Maddison Griffon
Wendy Blake
 ***   Awards  ***
MacGregor Award - Bill Hanchakove
Deep Throat Award - Doug Bell
Particpaction Award - Rob Chester & Brent Cook
JAFO Award - Laurie Becvar
First Out Award - (Tecumseh) Murray Janewski, Lynn McKenney,
            Kim Janewski and Brenda McKenney

See you all next year in

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